Get In Front Of Your Dream Customer Consistantly To Generate High Quality Leads and The Revenue Necessary To Scale Your Business - Without Paid Ads or Relying on Algorithms

Apply now to turn your business into a thriving online sales machine, without relying on complicated funnels or slimy tactics

Introducing The


Are you tired of struggling to attract high-quality leads and traffic?

Do you feel like you're putting in endless hours without seeing the visibility and revenue your hard work deserves?

Or maybe you're just looking for another traffic source to scale your offer?

Either way, you're not alone.

As an entrepreneur, we understand the uphill battle you face every day.

That's why we created The FRIENDS Method™.

This powerful end-to-end system simplifies relationship-building, helping you turn authentic connections into Power Friends and Power Partners - so that you can generate the visibility, leads, and revenue necessary to scale your business.

In the Power Partner Playbook™ 90-Day Mastermind, we'll show you how to build this system step-by-step to successfully scale your business.

No more spinning your wheels.

This program is exclusively designed for business owners and CEOs who understand the power of building authentic relationships and partnerships to unlock unlimited potential.

Join us now and learn how to turn your network into a community of Power Friends and Power Partners that will drive your business success.

Finally A Group That...

  • Focuses on long term principles to build a solid growth foundation in their business

  • Sets up a simple and repeatable Power Partner System

  • Has like-minded members who are aligned toward the same goal: More Curious I Am = More People I Know = More Opportunities Appear

  • Is run by Jordache Johnson and a superstar team

  • Focuses on implementation, results, and collaboration

What We'll Cover Over Our 90 Days Together

The Foundations

In this initial phase you'll gain a firm understanding of what Power Partners are and why they're crucial for scaling your business.

We'll also equip you with the Friends Method™ Framework, the right mindset and the "Friends Laws" to ensure you're using these tools for success.

Additionally, we'll help you uncover your "Super Powers," an underutilized asset that most entrepreneurs never tap into to grow their business.


During this phase, we'll help you set up your Friends Vault, identify the perfect Power Partners for you, and prioritize your time and energy in building relationships with them.

You'll also learn how to identify Power Partners inside and outside your circle and expand your network with specific strategies.

Finally, we'll help you set up optimal workflows to ensure your daily relationship-building habits happen consistently and effectively.


In this two-week phase of our program, "Creating Human Connections," you'll discover how to build genuine relationships with your Power Partners and Power Friends by keeping things on a human level rather than transactional.

You'll learn the essential information to gather about the people in your Friends Vault and how to avoid the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when building relationships.

With the Human Connection Inspector Gadget, you'll gain valuable insights on where to look for critical information and how to keep track of it. 

Relationship Currency

You'll learn to approach relationship-building with the right mindset and commitment, rather than just networking for personal gain.

You'll discover the 12 types of Relationship Deposits, how to execute the Core 5 consistently, and the 10 types of Relationship Withdrawals you use to make the transitions effortless from Friend to Power Partner.

Finally, you'll learn about overcoming your false beliefs and balancing the science and art when making your ask.

Maximize + Grow

In the final phase of the program, "Maximize + Grow," you'll learn how to deliver on your relationship-building efforts and maximize your opportunities with the 10 Ask Delivery Blueprints and Playbooks.

You'll also discover how to sustain and grow your relationships with Power Friends and Power Partners, setting yourself up for future opportunities.

Finally, you'll learn daily activities and habits to keep your relationships strong and build new ones, ensuring your success in the long run.

Welcome To The Power Partner Playbook™

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What Others Are Saying

When I started working with Jordache, I had a lot of questions. What do I say? How do I build these relationships? How do I leverage and explain my mission and what it is that I'm doing? When do I make the ask?

Having him guide me through the process of building authentic relationships and partnerships for my business has been invaluable and gave me a sense of peace knowing that my reputation was rock solid. 

Amanda Schaefer

CEO & Founder, Fearless Fastpitch

Jordache has been building relationships in his own business for such a long time he teaches it so effortlessly. Building relationpships with people was intimidating for me but he was able to take all of that away with the tools he equipped me with.

After working with him I've been empowered and have been connecting with amazing people. He instilled the reality in me that the relationships I wanted to build were possible, which have been able to energize my business. 

Aurora Gregory

CEO & Founder, Pitch + Perform + Profit VIP Experience

I use to feel really uncomfortable at live events, and never had anything planned out - so just kinda of talked to people as they came by.

After working with Jordache, the biggest thing was I had an actual plan going into the event - that I was comfortable with. I felt relaxed, prepared, and without any anxiety going into the event.

With his help, we ended up generating hundreds of new leads for our community, securing 3 power partner relationships, and even designing a new product with a brand new partner that will be coming out in a few months. 

Kristin DeLibro

CEO & Founder,

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions I've already received from people interested. If you have a question that you don't see answered on this page, click here to send me a message on Facebook or Instagram

When Are The Live Weekly Calls?

Our weekly Live Fire™ Coaching Calls happen once a week on Thursdays at 1 pm CST / 2 pm EST. These calls are where you get live training, your questions answered, hot seats, connection time with members of the community and where you get inspired as you create more opportunities in your business.

What If I Can't Make All The Calls?

We definitely encourage you to prioritize the time to make these calls, but understand that life (and business) happens. All of our calls will be recorded and you will get lifetime access to the recordings that will be stored inside of our program hub.

Also, you can submit your questions ahead of time and we will answer on the call recording if you aren't able to attend live. 

Will We Have A Facebook Group?

Yes, we will have a Group but NO it will not be a Facebook group. We will have our own exclusive community outside of Facebook that you will get access to along with the mobile app.

This will be the place where you can access the recordings, ask questions throughout the week, and connect + support each other. 

What Will Be My Investment For This Group?

Once you apply and if you are approved we will share the investment details. Just know that this will be the LOWEST this group will EVER be and it will NOT be a 5-figure investment that my private clients invest in to implement this methodlogy into their business.

We literally made this a NO-BRAINER opportunity.